Application Process

General information

Candidates must be able to communicate clearly and accurately in spoken and written English. This will be assessed by the Dept of Education Professional Skills Tests in Literacy and Numeracy.


Entrants must hold a degree from a United Kingdom university (or Higher education Institution), or a degree from the CNAA, or a recognised equivalent qualification. For entrants with a degree from overseas please contact NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centre) on 08709904088 to obtain written confirmation of equivalency. We will be looking for second class Honours Degree as the minimum requirement.


All entrants must have attained a minimum grade C in GCSE English and Maths, and if entrants are applying for Primary Education then entrants must also have GCSE grade C in Science.

Physical and Mental Fitness to Teach

Entrants are required to satisfy interviewers that they possess the physical and mental agility necessary to meet the strenuous demands of teaching. This does not preclude entrants with disabilities who give every indication of becoming competent and valued members of the teaching profession. All applicants who are offered a place must submit an Occupational Health form. The place offer is conditional until successful completion of this is received.In addition, entrants are required to sign a declaration that they have not previously been excluded from teaching or working with children; all place offers are conditional until an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service clearance is received.

School Experience

Experience has shown that the ITT year is a very pressurised year. It is the policy of the programme that all students, regardless of their domicile are required to have a period of English school experience. We do not have a minimum length of experience prior to applying but all applications are judged on various strengths at the point of short listing. Experience will only be considered if it is recent, relevant and completed prior to the point of interview. Prior experience is to ensure that all trainees have an understanding of the role of a teacher in England. This criteria applies to all trainees, even those from England.

Personal Attributes

We are looking for enthusiastic applicants with very good communication skills, the determination to succeed, a commitment to working hard and the ability to work with others.
Successful applicants are confident and passionate about teaching and are also able to contribute to the wider school ethos and community. Training to teach is both challenging and rewarding. Developing excellent interpersonal skills will enable trainees to effectively support the learning of groups of young people from diverse backgrounds.We are looking for people who strive and who are committed to their own professional development; people who are proactive and independent but also team players willing to listen and act upon advice.

Personal, Intellectual and Presentation Qualities

* Sensitivity to the needs of pupils and colleagues.
* A Positive attitude to working as a member of a team.
* A positive and optimistic perception of pupil’s potential.
* Rigour in assessing the role of a teacher.
* Ability to reflect and evaluate on what has been observed and read.
* A dress code appropriate for purpose.
* A desire to make good first impressions on a range of professionals.

Selection procedures

The selection procedures which follow, aim to ensure that:

* Entry requirements specified in DfE Qualified Teacher Status Standards (2012) are applied carefully, giving due weight to academic equivalencies, experiences and motivation.
* Entrants are given a sound understanding of the nature and demands of the course in order to assure successful applicants complete the course and enjoy their new profession in education.
* Interviews and selection tasks are based on criteria which lead to sound judgements of the entrant’s subject knowledge and general suitability for teaching.


Applicants are asked to bring the interview the relevant certificates which verify the academic profile described on the application form as well as a word processed CV (maximum two a4 sides).
Successful entrants will also be asked to bring appropriate certification and other documentation to verify their identity and for the DBS check, prior to the start of the course.
The document check is made by an administrator and provides an audit for registration purposes at the commencement of the course.
All documents must be original and not a photocopy. Copies of critical documents will be stored on file.

The Interview

This will take a full day. You will be invited along with other candidates.
* You will be asked to present to and engage with a group of children on a reading task.
* You will be expected to work with a group of fellow applicants to present to an interview panel.
* You will take part in a personal interview.
* There will be a written task to assess your competence in communication in written English.