Programme Structure

Core Training

Our Primary and Secondary ITT Curriculum has been designed around the knowledge and skills required for you to become an outstanding classroom practitioner. Following the ITT Core Content Framework, it is underpinned by the most up-to-date high-quality evidence-based educational research. Delivered by a range of expert speakers, our practical and interactive weekly training sessions will allow you to compliment your classroom experience with the theoretical knowledge needed to support your progression against the Teachers’ Standards. Sessions will cover a wide range of relevant topics, including safeguarding, educational theory, behaviour management and lesson planning to name a few.

“Trainees describe training as ‘inspirational’ and ‘amazing’, valuing the contributions from outside speakers and the expertise of school practitioners.”
- OFSTED 2018

School-Based Training

Our SCITT and School Direct programme will offer you with a very “hands-on” training experience, which will provide you with many practical opportunities to have a direct impact on the holistic development on the children in your care. You will become an integral part of your school community from the start of the academic year, supporting your colleagues in every aspect of your school life. You will accompany your pupils on their learning journey, nurturing their natural curiosity, following their progress and watching them grow in confidence throughout the year. As a bespoke programme, your in-school training will be tailored to your specific strengths and areas for development and supported by the expertise of your subject mentor and professional tutor.

“Trainees are immersed in the life of their schools. They engage enthusiastically in extra-curricular activities, form time, undertaking duties and delivering the personal, social, health and citizenship aspects of the curriculum.”
-OFSTED 2018

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Support Structure

“Trainees and NQTs are extremely complimentary about the quality of mentoring and its impact on their teaching and well-being. Trainees say mentors, PTs and PLTs are ‘incredible’, ‘outstanding’ and ‘brilliant’.”
- OFSTED 2018

“Tutors and mentors provide sharp, insightful feedback to trainees about the quality of their teaching. This high-quality feedback contributes exceptionally well to trainees’ success in becoming effective teachers.”
- OFSTED 2018


Leeds Trinity University - PGCE


CTTP works in partnership with Leeds Trinity University who accredit the PGCE element of our programme.

Founded as a teacher training college in 1966, Leeds Trinity University is renowned for teaching excellence and producing highly employable graduates.  The University has an established reputation and an unwavering commitment to providing outstanding teacher training and early career teaching support.

Leeds Trinity University transforms lives by providing a unique and rich combination of academic, professional and personal development in an inclusive and nurturing university community which has enabled students to flourish for more than 50 years.