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St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School

St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School

St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School is an outstanding, exciting place to work, proudly sitting in the top 8% of outstanding schools. Our school context is both rich and inclusive with ground-breaking teaching and learning at its heart. We are an ‘Always Learning’ community in which students and staff aspire to be exceptional.

Faith is transforming and our school transforms lives. St Cuthbert’s offers young men opportunities for service, prayer and pilgrimage as well as opportunities to lead at all levels. Our staff inspire through creative, innovative approaches to teaching, engaging the students in the learning experience.

St Cuthbert’s prepares its young men to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world with confidence and encourages them to investigate and explore ideas in a critical and constructive way, giving our students the time and space to reflect and to share their views whilst respecting the views of others. Our students have strong moral values and integrity, through their participation in the community.

St Cuthbert’s appoints staff of the highest quality, invests in them and develops them. Our staff are dedicated professionals whose vocation is to help young people. St Cuthbert’s is passionate about finding better ways of doing things and has a relentless focus on further improving learning. Our staff treat learners as individuals, supporting them to achieve. St Cuthbert’s provides creative, engaging and challenging learning in an environment that brings the best out of our boys.

St Cuthbert’s is outstanding. It is an Associate Academy Support School and a core partner in the North Eastern Teaching School Alliance. The school is heavily oversubscribed and our students benefit from outstanding facilities. St Cuthbert’s is a Catholic school with an excellent academic, socio-economic and ethnic mix and we are proud of our strong links with our parishes.

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