Carmel College, The Headlands, Darlington DL3 8RP
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St Thomas Moore

St Thomas More

Our catholic school is committed to achieving excellence in all that it does. The following principles govern the way that we operate: The Catholic Faith is at the heart of what we do. Our Christian principles provide a well understood moral code by which we operate. Opportunities are provided to further the spiritual development of the community at whatever stage an individual is. Our school is a civilised place: there is an atmosphere of mutual respect; members of the community are well behaved, display good manners and work for the common good. Our school experience should be an enjoyable one. This requires the provision of the highest possible quality learning environment. Our pupils have access to an engaging, flexible curriculum that is relevant to their needs and to those of the wider community in order to equip them to take their places as productive members of society through the provision of the necessary knowledge, concepts, skills and attitudes. Our school has high expectations in all areas, including: aesthetic, physical, social, moral and; academic. There is a belief that all pupils can succeed, whatever their individual circumstances. Our school is an inclusive place. The skills and experience of the staff are valued and utilised in the attempt to achieve excellence; no group of pupils is discriminated against. We will always care for the individual whilst being mindful of our responsibility to the whole school community. Our school is an organisation that reflects on what it does with a view to achieving constant improvement and development. Our staff are central to the school’s success. There are opportunities for staff to develop their skills throughout their career, they are supported and valued in their work.

Teaching and learning are the core activities. The provision of the highest quality classroom experience is of paramount importance. As a part of this experience learners are encouraged to take intellectual risks to enhance their learning, to develop the skills necessary to become autonomous learners, and to take responsibility for their learning. Learners are encouraged to develop lively enquiring minds, the ability to question and the ability to argue rationally, in order to cope with the demands of a complex, fast changing modern society. Our school is committed to the development of educational practice through the development of partnerships with others in the wider community. Our school accepts its responsibility as a member of its wider community. Developing links with parishes, the local community, other educational establishments and other partners in order to further the wider educational aims of the region. The parents of pupils at the school are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education and have the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to support their child at school.

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