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SKE – non UK status applicants

Non-UK applicants and SKE programme costs:
Eligibility to undertake a SKE is subject to meeting the Eligibility requirements to train to teach in England and the candidate accepting a conditional offer on an ITT teacher training course that requires them to undertake a SKE in the subject they want to teach.

Oversees Eligibility Requirements for SKE Bursary:
In general SKE bursaries are only available to non-UK applicants who are undertaking a tuition fee-based teacher training course in England, are entitled to an ITT bursary and are entitled to support under the student finance criteria which is dependent on their immigration/residency status.

However, for ITT 2023, Non-UK applicants who are funding a tuition fee-based Physics or MFL teacher training course in England, are also eligible for a SKE bursary regardless of if they are entitled/not entitled to support under the student finance criteria. This also applies to School Direct (SD) salaried courses in Physics and MFL, up to the point they receive a SD salary.

Apart from Physics and MFL candidates, all non-UK applicants’ are not entitled to a SKE bursary because they are not entitled to student finance.

Note, candidates must also meet all other eligibility requirements set for UK applicants to receive a bursary including degree classification and subject direct match. Help with understanding if qualifications awarded by a non-UK institution are a direct match to the SKE subject, resulting in the candidate not being eligible for a SKE (if obtained in the last 5 years), can be found using the statement of comparability.